Aoyue Repairing Stations

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  • Aoyue Int6031

    Aoyue Repairing Stations » Lead free soldering

    Rework Station


    (Solder wire and tips in the picture are sold separately.)

  • Aoyue Int2702A+

    Aoyue Repairing Stations » Lead free soldering

    Int2702A+ All in one Repairing System

    • All in one system. Combines the function of a Hot Air Gun, Soldering Iron, Smoke Absorber and Desoldering Gun.
    • Microprocessor controlled ESD safe unit. All digital display of hot air temperature, soldering iron temperature, desoldering gun temperature and air pressure with touch type panel controls.
    • The desoldering tool comes with zero crossing circuiry preventing electrical surges and is equipped with air cylinder type strong suction vacuum pump.
    • The 24V soldering iron is compatible with the compound tip design by connecting the ceramic heater, sensor, control unit and tip as one.
    • Desinged for efficiency. Replacement of tips with easy slip in/out method.
    • Creative built-in smoke extractor that absorbs the fumes created at the source. Eliminates the space hindering smoke absorbing units yet allowing a healthy environment.
    • Designed with an auto-col off process. Upon turning off, unit starts to blow cold air until it reaches a safe temperature of 85 degrees, this is to ensure safety and to prolong usage life of the heating element.
  • Aoyue Int2703A+

    Aoyue Repairing Stations » Lead free soldering

    4 in 1 Lead Free Repairing System

    Int2703A+ Lead-Free Repairing System Advanced Lead-Free Repairing System is a reworking equipment that combines the functionality of Hot Air Gun, Soldering Iron, Smoke Absorber, and Desoldering Gun in one package.

    The dual port system of the Int2703A+ allows simultaneous use of the desoldering gun and soldering iron.

    Automate function that allow the programming of a 5 segment reworking profile for automated and consistent reflows.

    The nozzle is specially designed with air spreader technology to disperse heat and air evenly greatly enhancing the heat output for more effective reflows. When paired with our fourth generation BGA nozzle technology, reworking larger BGAs (CPUs GPUs) will be even more efficient and repeatable.

    Safety features: Auto-cooling process of the Hot Air Gun. Protects the device (and its components) from excessive heat upon reaching any of the following conditions: (1) when the soldering gun remained idle on its resting handle after a certain period and (2) when the temperature of the device is above a safe threshold upon turning off.

    Advanced features such as solder iron and desoldering gun digital calibration, configurable auto sleep for the hot-air gun, soldering iron and desoldering gun.

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