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  • Aoyue Int732

    Aoyue Repairing Stations » BGA Rework Station

    Aoyue int732 Reworking System
    Complete Game Console Repairing System
    Combines large area pre-heater, high powered top-heater and lead free compatible solder iron in one package.
    • Multiple Types of Operation
    • Closed Loop Temperature Control with Multiple Sensor Design
    • Enhanced Top and bottom heater
    • Multi-Point Board Holder and Multi-Axis Armature
    • Digital System Control and Safety
    • Profile mode with auto adjustment
    • Integrated Soldering Iron and Wide Compatibility

    EUR950, Including vat 23%.

    Three different types of operation to suite different needs:

    Type 0:
    Utilizes the internal temperature sensors for re-balling or just pre-baking the board.
    Type 1:
    Uses the external temperature sensor for manual control of the rework process.
    Type 2:
    Fully automated reflowing process utilizing the profile set by the user.
    Sensors attached to the board allows precise temperature control at board level minimizing damage to board due to inaccurate temperature settings or overheating.

    Two sensors are used as temperature control and monitoring, while an extra sensor is added to allow additional monitoring of other temperature sensitive areas of the PCB.
    310 x 310 mm effective bottom heating area. 1500 watts of pre-heating power minimizes board warping. Utilizes Quartz Infrared technology.

    60 x 60 mm effective top heating area. 500 watts maximum heating power with various nozzles to fit different BGA sizes.

    The Top heater uses a square type forced convection quartz infrared technology. This new heating technology coupled with attachable double netted nozzle allows a more even temperature flow than standard hot air guns.
    Innovative board holder: Nine securing screws with four side grips to provide a secure fit for various board sizes and shapes. Effectively minimizes BGA balls shorting together due to board warping.

    Top heater’s support allows 3 degrees of freedom: Rotation of the Top heater, Swiveling of the armature, and sliding adjustments. This new design expands the effective working coverage of the unit, allowing us to access even those ICs at the edge or corner of the PCBs.
    CPU controlled system with easy to use digital controls and display. Uses advanced digital controls and signal processing for maximum performance, and accuracy.

    Built-in overheat protection and temperature limiting. The system automatically limits the rise in temperature to industry standard 3 degrees per second. This will minimize damage to sensitive components and ensure proper reflow.
    Three programmable 6 segment reworking profile. Set and store the desired duration and temperature to ensure high success rate for repetitive reworks.

    Equipped with auto profile adjustment, system auto edits your profile to ensure profile meets industry standard limits.

    The Profiles works with our suggested 75-25% rule. In which segments 1 to 3 uses the bottom heater for pre-heating up to 75% of the desired reflow temperature, Then during segments 4 to 6 the top heater would be activated to reach the required reflow temperature (25% of the required temperature).
  • Aoyue Int3210

    Aoyue Repairing Stations » Lead free soldering

    Lead Free 70W Soldering Station


  • Aoyue Int3323

    Aoyue Repairing Stations » Lead free soldering

    Lead Free Induction Soldering Station 

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