Dear Customers:

Since 2002 Pohua introduced first soldering stations of Aoyue brand to Polish market, we have been witnessing the fast development of Aoyue products at an international level. Their achievement can be credited to her superior quality, reasonable prices, outstanding technical expertise and excellent after-sale services. Aoyue has a strong commitment to reach an international standard, not only to meet the essential requirements enforced by European directives but also to her constant pursuit of professional, concentrated and continuous technical advancement. As an Aoyue authorized distributor in Poland , we are proud of the brand but feel sorry that Aoyue products have not grown as fast as those in other international markets. We feel it is our(PoHua) responsibility and obligation to let the Polish customers know the authentic Aoyue, the original Aoyue and the most updated Aoyue. We believe that a forum will provide us with a platform to meet the end users. A forum will help Pohua play her role successfully as a bridge between Aoyue users and the maker. The President of Aoyue, an electronic engineer, is aiming at leading the company to become the most trusted friend of electronic technicians all over the world. As an Aoyue distributor we share the same goal. It is our hope that Aoyue products just like reliable friends will help you enjoy your work more. We also hope all Aoyue users use the forum as platform to share with us their experience and also help us further improve our service.